Thursday, January 15, 2009

YOU Tube

I have been on You Tube before and have not been that excited about it. I just felt it was too overwhelming and I did not want to spend time looking at it. Today I looked at it as to what it could teach me and found this great video about crochet; okay, this is not the most intense learning experience but since I continue to fail at it, I am thrilled that I found something like this. That made me think of other ways I could use you tube for skills needed to uncover information, use computers, etc. It's something to keep in mind for my visual learners.

Another good site for movies for little kids is

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Susan said...

I found your blog post really interesting. It made me think about how much our approach to something can influence our results. When you decided to try to find videos that would teach you something on YouTube, you found exactly that - videos that would teach you something.

When most of the YouTube videos people send around are silly (not that I don't like silly), it's easy to think that YouTube consists of nothing else. It's always good to be reminded of other types of content.

My friend learned how to pan-broil a steak on YouTube. And considering that she is not at all into cooking, that is something!